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Consulting & Development

Our core competencies are high-performance computing and mathematical modelling. We develop platform agnostic solutions so that software runs efficiently on both small systems and cloud-computing servers. We like to work closely with our clients, as most of our work is highly specialised and the development process greatly benefits from collaboration.

Rapid Development

We work with agile methods and continuously involve stakeholders in the process.

Knowledge Sharing

We're open and transparent with our work, and very much enjoy talking about it.

Lean Team

We have a lean approach to product development and the infrastructure to support data-driven development.

Asger Juul Brunshøj

Efficient algorithms

  • Efficient and scalable algorithms and data-structures.
  • High-performance computing and parallelisation.
  • Efficient implementation with Rust, Python 3, C, CUDA.
  • Application development with Angular2.

Charles Nicklas Christensen

Applied mathematics

  • Optimisation with Matlab and Python
  • Numerical analysis with C, MPI and CUDA
  • Computer graphics with OpenGL/WebGL, Direct3D and C++.
  • Web development with ASP.NET, PHP, SQL and HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Application development with C#, Java, PhoneGap

Emil Høiriis Wegener Nielsen

Heterogeneous computing

  • Efficient computation with C, OpenCL, C++ and Matlab.
  • Design of digital systems with VHDL.
  • Fault tolerant systems.
  • Industrial machine vision with C++ and OpenCV.
  • Application development with C++ and Objective C.

Information Management

Data is abundant, but gaining valuable information requires both an understanding of the data and proper analysis. Learning models can be trained to categorise and predict events or behaviour, to assist with decision making. Acquiring information from multiple sources, processing these large volumes of data, and then structuring and archiving the information can be a computationally demanding task. Moving from raw data to something of strategic use in seconds requires effective computation.

Optical Diagnostics

Analysing visual information spans a wide range of applications in factory automation. Our work in this field mainly involves real-time industrial inspection and recognition. These systems have the benefit of being non-invasive which fits a sterile production environment. Real-time inspection also enables traceability and provide the option to react instantly to situations.

Embedded systems

Designing modern embedded systems, in varied application areas, such as high performance systems and real-time systems presents challanges throughout development. Modeling and simulation support design decisions during the systems engineering of embedded systems.

Mathematical Modelling

Analysis of dynamical systems, statistical modelling and the ability to solve large systems of differential equations are important disciplines in fields such as engineering and finance. We are very familiar with attacking problems of a mathematical nature with both analytical and numerical approaches.

...and optimisation, batch processing and all the glue that ties projects such as these together.

Plant surveillance for GEA

We developed an industrial grade real-time optical monitoring system for drying separators.

PC-client customisation for DTU

The project involved customising operating systems, and rolling out image-ready distributions along with specialised location-based automatic configuration of the systems.

Analysis of biometric data

We developed a pipeline for patient data insight and statistical analysis of biometric data.